Manufacturers of continuous flow grain dryers since 1962.

Over these 55 years, many things have been significantly improved; however, many things have remained the same.

Built to Last
Delux knows a grain dryer is a long-term investment. Many dryers that we built in the 1960's are still running strong today. We continue to build a dryer that will last you for many decades. Only the best quality parts and components are used on Delux Grain Dryers.
Simple Operation
Operation of a Delux Grain Dryer is very easy. A stepped process allows you only to start the dryer in the correct order so no mistakes can be made. If your Delux Grain Dryer shuts down, it has a “tattle tale” system to let you know why it’s shut down.
Highest Quality Components
We spare no expense to provide the quality you expect in your grain dryer. Our fans, burners, screens, access doors, conveyors and moisture controls are the best in the business.
Top Notch Service
In the event you need service, your dealer will be able to assist you. Our dealers participate in factory service schools and are trained in installation, service, and maintenance.

Why Choose a Delux Grain Dryer?

  • MoistureLink G2

    Takes the hassle out of manually controlling by automatically adjusting the metering rolls for accurate discharge moisture.

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  • Vacuum Cooling

    The internal fans draw the fresh air through the cooling grain. This recycles this heat which uses up to 50% less gas than conventional grain dryers.

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  • StayKleen Design

    Keeps the heat deck and cooling section clean. The pressurized plenum pushes the trash into the cooling section. The unique hopper designed cooling floors channel this trash back into the discharging grain drastically reducing internal cleaning.

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  • Outside Catwalks and Platforms

    Standard outside platform allows easy access to switches, belts, and motors on the large garner bin with standard access door.

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  • Grain Turners

    By moving the hotter inside grain to the outside of the column (and the cooler outside in) the grain is dried more evenly better maintaining grain quality. This process increases the output rate of the dryer also providing more efficient operation.

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  • Drag Conveyors

    Chain conveyors move at a relatively low speed moving a mass of grain with minimal friction. The low-speed chain gently pushes a mass of grain better maintaining grain quality.

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Exceeding Expectations in Grain Drying!

Delux Mfg. Co. is a worldwide manufacturer of the highest quality grain dryers at very competitive prices. Delux Continuous Flow Grain Dryers are designed for the most efficient and reliable performance to increase your operations profits. By using the heat from the cooling grain (vacuum cooling), Delux can reduce your drying costs by up to 50%! We offer over 50 models with capacities up to 5,000 bushels per hour.